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Louvered Composite Shutters

  • Louvered DIY composite shutters for exterior home installation.
  • Composite exterior shutters built for DIY house installation.
  • Composite weather-resistant exterior house shutters.

Louvered composite shutters are designed to resemble the distinct profile of wood louvered shutters. Composite shutters are constructed from Extira™, a solid pressed durable material. It is virtually impervious to moisture, rot, and termites, insuring an extremely long life. Unlike wood shutters that use multiple slats, composite louvers are shaped from a single piece with no space between louvers. Louvered composite shutters are usually installed in a stationary position because they have only one presentable side.

Measure for exterior shutters.


Learn the best way to measure for outdoor composite shutters with step-by-step written instruction and supporting video. We guide you through the measuring process and help to determine the best method for installation of stationary and functional exterior shutters.

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Manufacture time for exterior shutters.


ShutterLand composite exterior shutters currently require approximately 4 weeks to manufacture. The production period may vary, depending on a number of factors. We do not guarantee production or shipping times.

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Delivery and shipping of exterior shutters.


Shipping is FREE for most shutters. We ship all composite exterior shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama. We generally ship using FedEx Ground, resulting in a shipping period under one week.

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10 – 32″ in ¼″ increments (W)


15 – 108″ in ¼″ increments (H)

Side Stiles

2 ½″ wide (S)
1 ¼″ thick (T)

Top Rail

2 ½″ height (TR)
*Larger height on request
1 ¼″ thick (T)

Divider Rail

2 ½″ height (DR)
1 ¼″ thick (T)
Division Point Location (DP):
Bottom of shutter to center of divider

Bottom Rail

2 ½″ height (BR)
*Larger height on request
1 ¼″ thick (T)


1″ louvers (L1) @ 20° angle (L4)

Calculate number of 1" louvers

1 ¾” louvers (L1) @ 10° angle (L4)
No space between louvers
Fixed (do not rotate)

Weight Calculate weight
Composite louvered exterior shutter width and height measurements.


Material Extira™ exterior grade MDF
Finish & Colors Standard paint (9 colors)

Custom color ($100 match)

Primed only



Second divider rail
Faux tilt bar
Arch top left
Arch top right


Tongue & groove joints
Industrial exterior glue
& 1″ staples


Back is flat without detail

Production Time

Approximately 4 weeks

Warranty Limited lifetime
Measure for Stationary Shutters
for Functional Shutters
Install Stationary Shutters

Installation brackets included

Functional Shutters

Construction of Louvered Composite Shutters

The material ShutterLand uses to manufacture exterior composite shutters is called Extira™. This engineered wood product is similar to medium-density fiberboard (MDF), but it is manufactured to be especially durable in outdoor applications where humidity varies. It is twice as strong as traditional MDF and natural wood products. Extira™ is man-made from 90% sustainable wood fibers adhered with marine-grade resins. This impressive material arrives at the factory in large straight sheets which are cut into individual window shutter components.

Louvered composite shutters are made to be 1 ¼” thick, with side stiles at 2 ½” wide. Two louver sizes are available – 1” louvers at a 20° angle and 1 3/4” louvers at a 10° angle. Top rails, divider rails and bottom rails have a standard height of 2 ½”, but can be made larger on request. After components are cut to the custom size requested, they are assembled with tongue and groove joints, industrial exterior glue and 1” staples for extraordinary stability.

There is no space between louvers of composite shutters like those constructed from wood. The lack of space between louvers generally is not a distraction for most applications. Historic renovation projects likely stipulate the use of natural wood shutters and restrict the use of composite panels.

Options for Louvered Composite Shutters

Composite louvered shutters cannot be installed to be functional, because the back is flat without louvered detail. The panels can be mounted with the louvers angled up or down. Technically, they should be mounted with the louvers angled up to give the illusion that they could be closed over the window. However, many homeowners choose to invert the louvered shutters to orient down for various reasons. Composite shutters can be installed with functional shutter hinges. Because of the excessive weight, a third or fourth hinge is often recommended. Most opt to permanently secure composite shutters with outdoor grade screws to the building. Occasionally, faux hinges or shutters dogs are used with stationary panels to accentuate the shutters. A faux tilt bar can be selected to further accent the louvers.

For windows with a rounded top, we offer arch top shutters. They are ordered as individual shutters, with either a left or right arch, which are not interchangeable. The dimensions of the arch can be a 1:1 ratio, for a perfect round shutter, in which the radius of the arch equals half of the window width. Or a custom configuration can be specified by providing the desired springline dimension. Review details about measuring for arch top shutters before ordering.

Louvered Composite Shutter Colors

We strongly recommend painting composite louvered exterior shutters. They are available to be shipped as unfinished, primed, or factory painted panels. Composite shutters cannot be stained because the material will not absorb the finish.

If composite louvered shutters are ordered unfinished, they need to be primed and painted on site. This is sometimes preferred for DIY projects with multiple exterior elements that can be finished at the same time. An appropriate solvent-based primer should be used, since it is able to adequately bond with the composite material. Water-based primer should be avoided because it can cause swelling of the wood fibers, which will result in a bumpy surface. Two or three coats of primer, with a light sanding between coats, should result in a smooth, sealed surface, ready to accept paint.

After priming (whether at home or by the factory), lightly sand the surface with 220-grit sandpaper, then remove all fine dust with a tack cloth to ensure a clean surface. The Extira composite material finishes equally well with water-based or oil- or lacquer-based paint. A brush, roller or spray gun can all be equally efficient in applying the paint. We typically recommend two coats of exterior paint to ensure the shutters weather well.

ShutterLand offers the option of ordering factory-painted composite louvered shutters. This is a great choice for homeowners who want to receive shutters ready to install right away. After fully priming and sealing the shutters, we professionally spray two coats of PPG Break-Through paint in a satin sheen. This paint is specially designed for excellent adhesion and gives uniform coverage for a long life in outdoor conditions.

We have nine standard paint colors available based on the most popular colors selected for shutters  – White, Charcoal Slate, Black, Black Forest Green, Chrome Green, Hamilton Blue, Country Redwood, Cottage Red, and Tudor Brown. If none of those options meet your needs, you may send us the name of a manufacturer and paint color you wish to match, and we will custom mix paint for an additional



Whatever options you choose, composite louvered shutters from ShutterLand will provide a remarkable addition to your home’s exterior. It’s hard to beat custom exterior shutters that are made to your requested size and shipped to your door in about 4 weeks. Louvered composte shutters will give character and style for many years to come.


Diana S.

My exterior louvered shutters arrived today. Just beautiful!!! I almost hate to have to paint them. They are sturdy, well constructed and much more than I expected. The cost for such quality is unsurpassed. I have already referred a friend to your web site to buy exterior shutters. Thank you for your fast service and emails regarding delivery, confirmation, etc. Your company should be proud, there are not many like you.

Gordon S.

I would use this source again for outdoor shutters and would also recommend it to others. The price, quality and service were excellent.