Exterior shutters for your best home.

Faux Shutter Hardware

  • Faux decorative shutter vinyl hardware pack.
  • Faux vinyl hardware for exterior shutters.

Faux shutter hardware for vinyl shutters simulates the appearance of authentic cast iron functional hinges and tiebacks. Each packet includes four faux strap hinges and two S-pattern shutter dogs (enough for one pair of exterior shutters). The decorative embellishments are not functional and are not for shutter installation.

Price: $14 per packet



Strap Hinge

1-3/4″ x 7-1/4″

Shutter Dogs

2-3/4″ x 6-3/4″



Faux vinyl hardware for exterior shutters.



$14 per packet


Pre-colored, not paintable
Hammered textured surface


Black #002
White #001
Gray #007
Screws match hardware

Packet Includes

4 Strap hinge faceplates
2 Shutter dog faceplates
10 Screws
(enough for one pair of shutters)


Attach directly to shutter
Instructions on package


Sparky K.

The exterior shutter looks like a work of art. The other house shutters that I have are either molded plastic or older wood ones that have been on the house 25 years. I know that after painting this one and putting it up that it will last at least 25 year. Thanks for the great craftsmanship on the outside shutter.

Rebecca T.

The shutters arrived Monday, right on schedule. They are SO BEAUTIFUL. I just wanted to stand and admire them. I HATED to paint them. They seem to be perfect. I wish I could watch the manufacturing process. Give your workers kudos from us!