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Wood Bermuda Shutters (Bahama)

  • Wooden bermuda shutters made from western red cedar.
  • Wooden cedar bahama shutters for exterior windows.
  • California redwood bahama shutter that hangs from a house window.

Bahama shutters are a style frequently used on homes in the Caribbean and southern United State; they may also be referred to as Bermuda shutters. Bahama shutters are designed to cover the window opening entirely and installed to be functional, with hinges at the top of the panels. Tilt arms toward the bottom of the window opening allow the shutters to be secured in the open position.

The purpose of Bahama shutters is to easily open and close to change the function of the shutter. In the closed position, Bahama shutters provide solid coverage of the window in case of a tropical storm. When open, the shutter to hovers over the window and allow ocean breezes to cool down the house while shading the home from sun.

Measure for exterior shutters.


Learn the best way to measure for louvered Bahama wood shutters with step-by-step written instruction and supporting video. We guide you through the measuring process and help to determine the best method for installation of stationary and functional exterior bahama shutters.

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Manufacture time for exterior shutters.


ShutterLand premium wood exterior Bahama shutters currently require approximately 4 weeks to manufacture. Production times may vary, depending on a number of factors. We do not guarantee production or shipping times.

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Delivery and shipping of exterior shutters.


Shipping is FREE for most shutters. We ship all louvered exterior wood Bahama shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama. We generally ship using FedEx Ground, resulting in a shipping period under one week, but common carrier may be selected for larger orders.

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18 – 85″ in ¼″ increments (W)


18 – 85″ in ¼″ increments (H)

Side Stiles

2 ⅛″ wide (S)
1 ½″ thick (T)


2 ⅛″ wide (SS)
1 ½″ thick (T)
1 sub-stile for widths 30” to 40”
2 sub-stiles for widths 40 ¼” to 60”
3 sub-stiles for widths 60 ¼” to 80”
4 sub-stiles for widths > 80”

Top Rail

3″ height (TR)
1 ½″ thick (T)

Divider Rail

3″ height
1 ½″ thick (T)
Required over 70″

Measure location
Bottom Rail

3 – 4 ½” height (BR)
1 ½″ thick (T)


1 ½” louvers (L1)
¼” thick (L2)
Spaced on 1 ½” centers (L3)
Fixed 45° angle (L4)
⅝” space between louvers

Weight Calculate Weight
Bahama exterior shutter specifications.


Material Kiln dried California Redwood
Kiln dried Western Red Cedar
Kiln dried Western Red Cedar
Finish & Colors Standard paint (9 colors)

Custom color ($100 match)

Primed only

Second divider rail


All solid components

Joints secured with:
2 ½” wood dowels
Polyurethane exterior glue
& 3 ½” threaded screw

Production Time

Approximately 4 weeks

Warranty Limited lifetime
Measure Measuring Instructions


  • Fixed tropical exterior bahama shutters with cutout fish supports.
  • Awning bahama shutter with louvers above an exterior door.
  • Yellow house with bahama louvered exterior shutters.

High quality natural wood exterior shutters have been used for centuries to make American homes more comfortable, safe, and attractive. We use kiln-dried lumbers to forge stiles, rails and louvers that compose our line of premium wood shutters.


Roy S.

Our house took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma last year when the storm made landfall in our ocean front yard as a Category 4 storm. Fortunately our concrete house is a bunker like structure and withstood the storm quite well. We wanted to dress up the street side of the house so we added your shutters to diminish the bunker like look, a big improvement. Your company was great to deal with and the quality of the shutters is top notch.

David W.

Shutters were made with excellent, quality materials and delivered undamaged and in a timely manner.