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Composite Board & Batten Shutters

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Ultra-durable composite board and batten shutters incorporate vertical boards traversed by horizontal battens. Exterior composite batten shutters are constructed from Extira, a solid pressed durable material. It is virtually impervious to moisture, rot, and termites, insuring an extremely long life. Composite batten shutters have only one presentable side making them only suitable in a stationary position.

Item Summary

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Panel Sizes
Width: 12 – 32″ in 1/4″ increments
Height: 30 – 96″ in 1/4″ increments

Composite Material
Extira™ exterior grade MDF

Vertical Boards: 1″ thick
Horizontal Battens:  5/8″ thick x 3-1/2″ height
A third centered batten is added on panels 55″ and over in height
Battens are clued and stapled to boards from the back

Primed only
Painted – 9 standard colors
Custom painted – Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams colors (one time $100 charge)
* Composite shutters require factory priming, so raw unfinished panels are not available

Printable Specification PDF: 

PDF Spec Sheet

Exterior Composite Batten Shutters

Exterior composite shutters can be installed to be functional (swing open and closed), but most often are stationary. Composite batten shutters have only one presentable side. Non-functional exterior shutters require less precise measurements than those that operate.

Width for Non-Functional Batten Shutters

Measure each window width from the outside edge of window trim to the same spot on the opposite side. Calculate the shutter panel width, starting with the smallest window. Window widths narrower than 60 inches can appear to have functional outside shutters by ordering panels half of the window width. Windows larger than 60 inches, while unable to appear functional, should use panel sizes between 30% and 50% of the window width. Consider panel widths of narrow windows when determining panel widths for larger windows. Do not exceed a house shutter width greater than 50% of the window.

Height for Non-Functional Composite Shutters

Measure each window width from the top edge of the window trim to the bottom edge of the window trim. If there is a sill at the bottom of the window, measure to the top of the sill. Install the shutters about 1/4 inch above the sill. Exterior composite shutters are sold in 1/4 inch increments to best fit the window.

See measuring instructions for functional composite shutters in greater overall detail.

ShutterLand composite board and batten exterior shutters require approximately 4 weeks to manufacturer. We have streamlined the production process to reduce prices and decrease production time. We do not rush orders, cut corners, or sacrifice quality.

We ship all exterior composite shutters from our manufacturing facility in Alabama.

We generally ship using FedEx Ground, usually resulting in a shipping period under one week.

See more about our manufacturing and shipping.


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  • Stained board and batten exterior shutter.
  • Adobe style house with board and batten exterior shutters.


Roy S.

Our house took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma last year when the storm made landfall in our ocean front yard as a Category 4 storm. Fortunately our concrete house is a bunker like structure and withstood the storm quite well. We wanted to dress up the street side of the house so we added your shutters to diminish the bunker like look, a big improvement. Your company was great to deal with and the quality of the shutters is top notch.


My experience was great. Thanks.