Exterior shutters for your best home.

About ShutterLand Outdoor Window Shutters

ShutterLand has been selling high quality outdoor window shutters for residential and commercial properties since 2003.

Exterior shutters are sold as individual panels in multiple styles, materials, finishes and thousands of sizes. We offer a large selection so you can choose the best design for your house.

Once construction is complete, the outdoor window shutters are shipped free to homes across the United States of America.

Our affordable exterior shutters are American made at our manufacturing facility in Alabama. Using time-tested techniques, we construct top quality louvered, solid panel, combination, board and batten, and bahama shutters thoughtfully designed for the best appearance and function. Our quality exterior shutters are made not only to be good looking, but long lasting as well.

History of Outdoor Window Shutters

Our family of shutter business companies includes three distinct entities:

Horizon Interior Shutters
ShutterLand Exterior Shutters
Ready Shutters Exterior Shutters

In 1997, Horizon Interior Shutters became the first internet company to sell custom-made interior window shutters directly to homes and businesses nationwide. Each traditional or plantation shutter unit is built to the 1/16 inch, painted or stained, and shipped to the customer ready to install.

ShutterLand Exterior Shutters was created in 2003 to meet the demand for premium-quality exterior shutter panels. Our exterior window shutters are constructed from quality materials and sold as individual outdoor shutter panels. All of the exterior wood shutters can be made functional with quality outside shutter hardware, giving them the ability to swing open and closed.

Ready Exterior Shutters, launched in 2007, offers vinyl exterior house shutters. Plastic/synthetic shutters are designed as a nonfunctional, inexpensive alternative to exterior wooden shutters. Ready Shutters offers fixed louver shutters,raised panel shutters, board and batten shutters, shaker shutters, and combination outdoor window shutters. Ready Shutters are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and are shipped nationwide ready for installation.

ShutterLand exercises ethical business practices. Our primary concern is simply that our customers receive and enjoy quality exterior wooden shutters. We have had happy customers all across the nation and have posted their comments about us and our products for you to read. We hope to give you a similar experience, as we strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.