Enhance your home with exterior shutters.

Install Exterior Shutters

Installation is the process of attaching exterior shutters to a building. The execution largely depends on the window configuration, how the windows were measured, and the shutter sizes ordered. The installed panels will either be functional or stationary, which dictates the method used to install exterior shutters.

Install exterior shutters with hardware on the home.

Stationary Shutter Installation

Installing outdoor shutters to the building façade requires either nails, screws, or bolts that permanently secure the shutters in a fixed open position. The selected fastener should be corrosion resistant to ensure the longest possible life. Nails are the least desirable selection because they can become loose over time. There is also risk of damaging the face of the shutter when pounding with a hammer, and because the head of the nail will lay flush with the front of the shutter it is difficult to conceal. Hot dipped galvanized steel bolts are the most substantial of the three options, but are often more bulky than necessary to install exterior shutters. The head of a bolt will likely sit proud of the shutter face resulting in an unsightly appearance.  We recommend high-quality stainless steel or deck screws with a lifetime polymer coating for wood siding. Most screw heads are designed to self counter sink.

Pre-drill small pilot holes in all four corners of the exterior shutter. Be cognizant of the siding material to which the shutters will attach. A wood surface will require little preparation. Aluminum, vinyl, and stucco will need a sturdy backing to receive a screw, bolt, or nail. Brick surfaces receive specialized masonry screw and predrilling with corresponding wall anchors best.

Shutters installed tight to the building may trap water between the two surfaces, which can be damaging to both. A narrow ¼ inch gap is sufficient to allow moisture to escape and evaporate. Rubber washers or another non-corrosive spacer can be used to ensure adequate ventilation.

Screw or nail heads must be filled and painted to prevent water from penetrating the shutter.

Optional clear Polycarbonate brackets accompany exterior composite shutters for fixed mount installation. These brackets are specifically suited for composite shutters and can not be used with wood.

Install Exterior Shutters to Operate

Outside panels are made operable with the addition of exterior shutter hinges. One leaf of the hinge screws to the shutter, while the other leaf adheres to the building.

When installing replacement shutters, the best case scenario is to salvage the original fittings. Corroded hinges or shutter dogs may need to be replaced.

An assortment of hinges are sold by suppliers throughout the United States. Each type requires consideration of the shutter material and configuration of the window. The hardware supplier will help determine which is best for your home.

Louvered shutters should always be installed with the louvers angled up when in the open position. And all shutters should be mounted to give an illusion that they could be functional and close over the window.