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Install Exterior Shutters

The procedure to install exterior shutters is largely determined by the window configuration and the task they will be asked to perform. The execution depends on the objective outlined in the measuring phase. The installed exterior shutters will either be hinged to swing open and closed or permanently fixed in place with screws.

Install exterior shutters with functional hinges.

Stationary Shutter Installation

Installing outdoor shutters to the building façade requires either screws or bolts that permanently secure the shutters in a fixed open position. The selected fastener should be corrosion resistant to ensure the longest possible life. Nails are not recommended because they can become loose over time, and there is a risk of damaging the face of the shutter when pounding with a hammer. Hot dipped galvanized steel bolts are the most substantial option, but are often more bulky than necessary to install exterior shutters. The head of a bolt will likely sit proud of the shutter face resulting in an unsightly appearance.  High-quality exterior grade stainless steel or deck screws with a lifetime polymer coating for wood siding are recommended. Some screw heads are designed to self counter sink.

Pre-drill small pilot holes in all four corners of the exterior shutter. Be cognizant of the siding material to which the shutters will attach. A wood surface will require little preparation. Aluminum, vinyl, and stucco will need a sturdy backing to receive a screw or bolt. Pre-drill brick surfaces to receive receive speciality anchors and masonry screws.

Outdoor shutters installed permanently against the building may trap water between the two surfaces, which can be damaging to both. A narrow ¼ inch gap is sufficient to allow moisture to escape and evaporate. Rubber washers or another non-corrosive spacer can be used to ensure adequate ventilation.

Screw or bolt heads need to be painted to prevent water from penetrating the shutter. Countersink the screw head and fill

Optional clear Polycarbonate brackets accompany exterior composite shutters for fixed mount installation. These brackets are specifically suited for composite shutters and can not be used with wood.

Install Exterior Shutters to Operate

Outside panels paired with operable exterior shutter hinges can rotate open to the side of the window or closed over the window face. One leaf of the hinge adheres to the shutter, while the other leaf, or pintle, braces to the building.

Salvage original fittings when installing replacement shutters to save money. Recondition by using a wire brush to remove loose debris and mild corrosion. Clean and spray paint to restore the original luster.

Install exterior shutters with hardware on the home.

New shutter specific outdoor hinges forged from iron or steel are are sold in an array of designs for a multitude of window types. The hinge type depends on the window opening depth, casing material and mounting surface.