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Florida Keys shutters installed on a white house with blue truck.

Exterior Shutters of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys epitomize carefree living. The easy lifestyle of this illustrious island chain is exemplified by the homes that are built on the shell-infused soil. Coastal houses boast vibrant paint colors adorned with equally radiant exterior shutters.

Florida Keys shutters installed on a white house with blue truck.

Warm temperatures and regular ocean breezes make functional exterior shutters a virtual necessity in the Florida Keys. Open louvers promote cooling trade winds to consistently pass through the house. Exterior shutters in a closed position diminish the direct sunlight heating exposed windows. A temperate climate allows citizens of the Conch Republic and neighboring islands to decrease use of  costly air conditioners in favor of eco-friendly wood exterior shutters.

Exterior Florida Shutter Styles

Multiple exterior shutter styles are used throughout southern Florida. The reason for installation by those who inhabit the islands is more practical than aesthetic.

Florida exterior shutters installed on a tropical house.

Classic louvered shutters open to either side of the window with strong outdoor hinges. This multi-functional style is popular with homeowners who want the most versatility. Open, the dynamic colors of louvers shutters are on full display, giving the occupant full visibility through the window. The wooden shutters can be easily shut by releasing the shutter dogs to rotate the panels. Lower level shutters may also be accessed from the outside. Refreshing breezes may then pass through the slats. Louvers fixed at an angle provide privacy and reduce the harsh direct sun. Louvered Florida shutters can also furnish a basic level of storm protection.

Colorful turquoise key west exterior shutters.

Bahama exterior shutters hinge and pivot from the top of the window opening. The shutter props out from the bottom creating an awning-like effect. This configuration intercepts sunlight at critical hours of the day to shade the window. Bahama shutters  (sometimes called Bermuda shutters) are configured with one or more vertical sub-stiles, allowing for the manufacturing of wider panels. The signature tropical appearance of Bahama shutters is prevalent throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Bahama shutters permit the largest volume of air circulation, but partially obstruct vision through the window.

Fixed tropical exterior bahama shutters with cutout fish supports.

Solid panel shutters are used in Florida when a larger measure of security is needed. Functional raised panel or grooved panel exterior shutters block light and visibility when closed. They can be used to deter intruders and for a base level of protection from severe weather and tropical storms. Similarly, board and batten shutters can be used for the same purpose.

Wood exterior shutters are recommended for functional use in the Florida Keys. Composite and vinyl exterior shutters are excellent selections for stationary installations. While composite shutters can be mounted with operable hardware, only one side is presentable. Wood shutters have similar detail front and back.

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