Exterior shutters for your best home.

Combo Exterior Shutters for Windows

We offer combination exterior shutters for windows that combine both louvers and raised panels in wood.

Price and order:

Premium Wood Combo
Exterior Shutters for Windows

High quality natural wood exterior shutters for windows have been used for centuries to make American homes more comfortable, safe, and attractive. We use three kiln-dried lumbers to forge stiles, rails, and louvers that compose our line of wood combo shutters. The raised panel portion is formed out of Extira, a dense exterior grade MDF. Each panel is assembled with time-tested techniques for maximum strength and longevity.

  • California Redwood is a distinct species that is popular for construction of many outdoor structures, including decks and fences. It is lightweight, strong, and naturally resists insects and decay. We use Select Grade B (97% clear) Redwood, which may contain minor blemishes. It is a step down from top grade lumber, yet perfectly acceptable for construction of custom exterior shutters for windows. The price of Redwood shutters is at the most affordable level and the best overall value.
  • Western Red Cedar is the most common material for building exterior shutters in the industry. Cedar has many of the same qualities as Redwood, yet is less dense, making it easier to sand and finish. We use Select Grade B (99.5% clear) and better Cedar to begin the manufacturing process. Cedar shutters sell at a slightly higher price point than Redwood.