Attract attention with exterior shutters.

Exterior Shutter Hardware

Exterior shutter hardware is essential to make outdoor window shutters functional. We have selected House of Antique Hardware as our endorsed provider of quality exterior shutter hardware to make exterior shutters fully functional with an authentic look.

Exterior shutter hinge.

Shutter Hinges

Exterior shutter hinges pivot to allow wood shutters to swing open and closed. Most wooden exterior shutters require only two hinges, but extremely tall panels may benefit from more. A variety of hinges are offered for most outside window configurations. Mortise hinges, surface hinges, and strap hinges can be used for each unique window. More >>


Shutter Dogs

Exterior shutter dogs are available in many unique designs, including the traditional s-shape, flower, sea shell, grapes, and star patterns. These fitting can be screwed or bolted to the house or building. Personalize your home and exterior window shutters with authentic solid cast iron hardware shutter dogs.  More >>

Exterior shutter bolt.

Shutter Bolts

Outside shutter bolts secure your exterior window shutters in a closed position by sliding side-to-side to lock or unlock the shutters. Fasteners also keep the shutters in a closed position. The latch automatically catches the receiver to keep the outside window shutters closed. They are easily opened by releasing the latch and pushing the shutter to the side of the window. Adding shutter pulls to your exterior shutter will make it easy to swing the panels toward the window. More >>

Exterior bahama shutter hinge for wide panels.

Bahama Shutter Hardware

Bahama stays are rods that push the exterior shutter away from the window. They can be easily adjusted to set the angle of the shutters. Bahama hinges are designed for a top mount to pivot from the top of the window. Bahama shutters can be propped open for greater light and visibility. More >>


Shutter Caps

A shutter cap is a protective inverted U-shaped cover that fits over the top edge of an exterior shutter to shield against standing moisture. The aluminum shutter cap extends the width of the shutter panel and can be painted. Shutter caps are not sold as a standalone item and must be ordered in conjunction with shutters.

Exterior window shutters do not need to be functional to have shutter hardware attached. Exterior shutter hardware can enhance the overall appearance of your shutters and home. Faux shutter dogs and hinges can be used to give an operational appearance.