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Composite & Wood Shutters

ShutterLand offers composite and solid wood exterior shutters. Professional craftsmen assemble each outdoor shutter with durability, longevity, and beauty in mind.

Composite Shutters

ShutterLand composite shutters are constructed from an innovative engineered wood product. Extira™ is technically a medium-density fiberboard (MDF), yet engineered for exceptional performance in moisture rich conditions. This impressive material is man-made from 90% pressed wood fibers adhered with marine grade resins. It is impervious to rot, termite proof, and moisture resistant. Painting results in a finished shutter that appears similar to wood. Composite shutters are approximately 30% heavier than wood and have only one presentable side making them less optimal for hinging and swinging closed. Banks of louvers are fabricated from one solid piece resulting in no space between slats.

Wood Shutters

Three high-quality species are available for construction of ShutterLand wood shutters. Installation of solid wood shutters maintains the natural integrity of your home. Pair with authentic hinges, bolts and shutter dogs for historic accuracy.

All ShutterLand wood shutters are thoroughly kiln-dried before construction in order to reduce moisture content. This process decreases wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract in changing weather conditions and greatly prolongs the life of the shutters.

All woods used are renewable resources harvested from sustainable managed forests, reducing our impact on the environment.

African Mahogany Shutters

This wood is the most luxurious choice for exterior shutters. African Mahogany is one of the strongest, moisture-resistant woods available. Because of its straight, beautifully nuanced tight reddish-brown grain, mahogany shutters are the best choice for staining or finishing with a natural finish. 99% percent knot free Select and Better African Mahogany results in our highest grade wood exterior shutter.

Western Red Cedar Shutters

The most common material for construction of exterior shutters is Western Red Cedar. This aromatic wood is resistant to both insects and decay. We use 99.5% knot free Grade B and better Western Red Cedar, resulting in straight handsome panels. Time-tested Cedar shutters paint and stain nicely and will endure harsh outdoor conditions.

California Redwood Shutters

The beautiful California Redwood has been used for generations as a premium building material. It is a relatively lightweight straight wood with a tight, even grain. The deep red color is unique to the species and lends to its beauty. A lack of resin makes it especially resistant to decay. We use Grade B California Redwood which is 97% clear with at least 75% heart wood. The performance of Redwood is comparable to Western Red Cedar at a slightly lower price.

Southern Yellow Pine Shutters

Pine exterior shutters are offered as an economical alternative to the three premium species. Use of 99.9% knot free Grade C and better hand-selected Southern Yellow Pine results in stable attractive shutters. The life expectancy of Pine shutters is shorter than our other options. A quality finish properly maintained will extend the length of service.

Raised panel and grooved panel shutters incorporate composite panel inserts.